New Investment Company Opening in Flagstaff

Flagstaff Business News Announces Opening of Four Peaks Wealth Management in Flagstaff

New Investment Company Opening in Flagstaff – February 23, 2013

Four Peaks Wealth Management (FPWM) has opened its doors in Flagstaff, Ariz.  The firm, created by a team of seasoned and experienced individual money managers is offering its financial expertise to Northern Arizona residents.

“Our unique combination of institutional, Wall Street-based experience, and local presence allows us to provide complete investment management solutions to individuals and financial planners and advisors who want to source their products locally,” Matthew Haertzen,FPWM Chief Executive Officer said.

The five member team consists of three financial veterans and two soon-to-be graduates from Northern Arizona University (NAU).

“We have cut through all the noise of Wall Street; conflicts of interest, hidden fees and inflated costs to deliver a simple, cost-effective investment solution,” according to Ron Getto,  FPWM Chief Financial Officer.

FPWM has developed a proprietary asset allocation model that allocates client investments across a broad array of asset classes including stocks, bonds and real assets.

Through appropriate diversification, clients should achieve stable returns with less risk.

“A core principle of the firm is expense management.  FPWM uses Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF’s) to provide asset class exposure at low costs. The firm further focuses on minimizing transaction costs as it actively rebalances client accounts.  With our easy to understand fee structure, FPWM clients receive institutional quality investment expertise at affordable rates,” Getto added.

That’s important to Ryan Gravell, FPWM Investment Analyst and Trader.

The company is committed  to minimize investor expenses and manage client money with the utmost care. “The most important attributes to a successful investment plan are asset allocation, controlling expenses, and  low management fees.” Gravett said.

Gravett, who is graduating from NAU with a degree in finance this May, also insists working with wealth managers of this caliber is giving him the opportunity of a lifetime.

His classmate and colleague, Marcello Polidori agrees.“Working alongside senior principals who have managed over $3 billion and have more than 70 years of investment experience is a real opportunity for us as NAU students,” he said.

Four Peaks Wealth Management is located at 2225 N. Gemini Drive in Flagstaff within the Northern Arizona Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (NACET) complex.



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